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How to Make Cydia Tweaks Work on iOS 7

Fixes jailbreak problems in iOS 7 easily

With the arrival of the iOS 7 Jailbreak untethered there have been some problems that are affecting a large number of users . These problems will be solved little by little through updates of the Evasi0n7 and Cydia tool.

The problem that most affects users who have performed the Jailbreak process to their devices with iOS 7 is the incompatibility of ” Mobile Substrate ” and ” Substrate Safe Mode in the new Apple devices: the iPhone 5s, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina display, which have the new 64-bit chips.

How to Make Cydia Tweaks Work on iOS 7How to Make Cydia Tweaks Work on iOS 7

The vast majority of Cydia tweaks depend largely on the correct functioning of the previous two, so it is likely that many of the Cydia applications will not work properly on our iOS devices.

If you are one of the affected ones, you can rest assured, because as Saurik, the creator of Cydia, has already warned, he is fully working on this update and a new version of ” Mobile Substrate ” is likely to arrive in the next few days.

How to make Cydia tweaks work on iOS 7

If your device doesn’t have Apple’s new 64-bit processor, you can try this little trick that we’re going to present below, to try to fix the problems of the new Jailbreak and thus get the vast majority of tweaks to work on your device with iOS 7:

  • Open Cydia on your device.
  • Go to the search tab.
  • Enter the word “Substrate” in the search field.
  • The first two results that will appear should be “Mobile Substrate” and “Substrate Safe Mode”.
  • Click on Mobile Substrate – Modify – Reinstall – Continue queuing
  • Now go back to the search results and click on the “Substrate Safe mode”.
  • Click on Modify – , Reinstall – , Confirm again.
  • This will cause the “Mobile Substrate” and “Substrate Safe Mode” to be installed again on your device.
  • You will have to wait for the process to finish and when it is done you will have to click on “Restart the SprinBoard”.

Once this is done, all Cydia settings will work again correctly as will the vast majority of installed tweaks. You should keep in mind, as the guys at iPhoneHacks remind us, that if the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch restarts, you’ll have to repeat the process again for everything to work properly.