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How to make a screencast in GIF


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How to make a screencast in GIF
How to make a screencast in GIF

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Some time ago we talked about GIF Brewery, a fantastic application for Mac to convert videos to GIF. It is used for example by well-known developers to make small demonstrations of their applications on their website as Fanstastical or we have used it ourselves for example in the Oceanhorn guides, perfect to show a few small steps.

But there’s a much better way to show off something from our Mac screen. It’s free and compatible with both Windows and OS X, open source. It’s as simple as opening the small application, resizing the window to whatever you want to capture and starting to record directly to .gif.

There is the possibility of recording in lcf format , an own format without losses that allows a greater compression with greater quality and more colors. These files can be played back with Reaper and converted to gif or other video format. Also it is possible to move the window while recording , pause the recording or show the mouse clicks. Without a doubt a great tool for those who work with animations on a daily basis as it is simple, free, easy and it works. That many times the cheap is expensive, but this time we believe that it is not so.

This will allow us to do small tutorials, teach something that with screenshots is too short and that with a screen recording is too messy. Many developers already use it to show their functions and as we have said we have already used it on more than one occasion.

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