How to make 50-person video calls from Instagram

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Como detalle a tener en cuenta, los videochats de Rooms no están encriptados de extremo a extremo como es el caso de las videollamadas de WhatsApp o FaceTime, por lo que recomendamos su uso de una forma más casual, más que como un medio de comunicación habitual por el momento. A pesar de esto la ventaja que ofrece es que puedes limitar el número de usuarios que pueden unirse , por lo que una vez alcanzado el limite no podrá unirse nadie más si no sale alguien antes.

How to make 50-person video calls from Instagram
How to make 50-person video calls from Instagram

After the update a few days ago, Instagram is releasing another feature that we will see coming gradually to all devices with Android and iOS, the possibility of creating video chat rooms for up to 50 members . This is thanks to the integration with Messenger Rooms, the new feature of Facebook Messenger that seeks to spread across all platforms in the network, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook itself.

Messenger Rooms is Facebook’s attempt to counteract Zoom and FaceTime’s group video calls , which allow for a much larger number of users. Instagram is currently leading the way in integrating this feature, but we don’t think it will take long for WhatsApp to include it, enabling cross-functional communication between the three group platforms.

By following the steps below you will see how despite being a bit hidden, it is very easy to make use of this new feature .

The first thing to note before you start is that, because Instagram relies on the Facebook Messenger Rooms, in order to use it you need to have the Messenger app installed and running on your device. All right, let’s get started!

  • 1º To begin we will open the Instagram app and click on the paper plane icon on the upper right corner, to access the message box.
  • 2º Inside the mailbox, click again on the Camera icon in the upper right corner.
  • 3º Here we will click on Create room.

In case this is our first time using Messenger Rooms we will be asked to sign in to Facebook, with this done, we continue.

  • 4º A card will appear at the bottom that will say Create room as… (your name), click on it.
  • 5º Select which other users you want to invite to your chat room, once you have selected who you want, click on Done.
  • 6º A new card will appear at the bottom giving you the option to copy the link to share it manually, enter the room or send a link to it through Instagram to other users to join. Click on Enter the room.
  • 7º A pop-up window will appear indicating that you will leave Instagram and be directed to Messenger, click on OK.
  • 8º Messenger will start the videochat room with those you have invited, and the only thing that will be left is that the rest of the users will join in.

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