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How to listen to online radio from your iPhone or iPad

High-end smartphones, like the iPhone, are characterized by their high performance. However most do not have some features that are available in lower ranges, an example of this is the FM radio receiver. Therefore in this post we tell you how to listen to online radio stations from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, either by using applications or with Siri itself.

The only way we can listen to the radio in iOS is online, so we will need an internet connection. It will be possible by means of mobile data connection, although it is preferable to use WiFi if we have it; basically because the data consumption can be very high.

How to listen to online radio from your iPhone or iPadHow to listen to online radio from your iPhone or iPad

The main Spanish broadcasters, as well as those from other countries, have their own application in the App Store. See for example some of the most popular ones such as Cadena Ser, Cadena Cope, Los 40 Principales , Cadena 100 and many more. Although there are some apps like the one below that bring together a number of stations within the same application.

Before seeing specific apps we remind you that Siri is already capable of playing radio stations as we told you in another post. Although for this we must have installed the iOS 13 or iPadOS betas until the official version of these operating systems comes out.

Radio FM Spain

Download Radio FM Spain by clicking here

There are many applications in the App Store that bring together different radio stations, however we believe that this is the one that best fulfills its function. You will find all kinds of local and national stations. You can even listen to those from other countries by accessing their premium version. It’s a great app for listening to your favourite stations anywhere on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

FM Radio: Music, News & Sports

Download FM Radio: Music, News & Sports by clicking here

If the previous app doesn’t convince you, you can try this one. Here you will find a very good user experience , where you can access different international stations categorized by the type of content or music they offer. It also has features like creating our lists with our favorite stations. This app is well worth a try.

Have you tried any of these apps? What do you think? You can leave your impressions in the comment box.