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How to learn to program and design apps and games for iPhone

We all know the importance of applications in the world we live in. Smartphones have become our daily companion and app stores are a growing business. The App Store has millions of apps and games for the iPhone and more and more users are willing to learn and train themselves to create great apps.

This is a growing sector and learning to program and develop applications can be very important for the future. Apple itself is taking steps in this direction with applications to learn how to develop, which shows that is a profession of the future . If you want to learn how to program apps and games for the iPhone, the best thing you can do is train and study everything you need.

How to learn to program and design apps and games for iPhone
How to learn to program and design apps and games for iPhone

Best of all, no matter what kind of studies you have, any time is a good time to learn how to program applications so you can become a developer. Having your p ropias iPhone applications is a dream come true and thanks to University Degrees or Masters like those offered by U-tad, University Center for Technology and Digital Art, you can achieve it.

Designing games for iPhone is within everyone’s reach

What began as a hobby more than 10 years ago when Apple launched the App Store for the iPhone has become a profession. Today nobody understands smartphones without applications or games . In addition, the power of today’s devices makes the applications you can use even more important. Soon the vast majority will be satisfied with an iPhone and will not need a computer.

However, in the creation of a video game or application for smartphones more and more professionals are involved and specific studies are needed. Virtual reality, visual design or software are some of the specialties needed when developing a good app or game, and in U-tad you will have specific training for all of them .

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What opportunities does U-tad give its students

The students must be willing to work hard to carry out, during the 8 months that the master’s degree usually lasts, the projects that the academic producer proposes. They will present their creations at fairs, in front of the press and the big studios multinationals. In this way, they can have the great opportunity to meet some of the industry’s greats and begin their journey in this world for which they will have to fight so hard.

U-tad offers a variety of University and Master’s degrees that will help you fulfill your dream of creating iPhone apps and games. We have a Degree in Interactive Product Design, a Degree in Software Engineering and if you have already completed the wagon you also have several Masters to specialize in visual game design and game programming. A good example is the Master in Production Management for Animation, VFX and Video Games, which is one of the most demanded at the university.

In U-tad you will learn how to develop first level products, besides video games and apps for iPhone or iPad you can learn how to develop video games for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or PC . In addition, this type of training offers practice with the best companies in the sector such as King, UbiSoft, Gameloft, Rockstar or Electronic Arts.

The call for places for the start of the course in October 2019 for some Masters, such as the Master’s in Production Management for Animation, VFX and Video Games, has already begun and recalls that these are limited places so that the training is unique and of a very high level.

Programming applications and video games for the iPhone can be one of the best options for future professionals on the market and the studies offered by U-tad , Centro Universitario de Tecnología y Arte Digital, are unique in the market . No matter what degree you have or if you are already working, you can dedicate yourself professionally to what you like best by studying the Degrees and Masters offered by U-tad with the best professionals.