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How to Know the Battery Charging Time with Predix

We have noticed an extremely useful Cydia tweak that gives us the ability to present the exact time (including seconds) that our battery has left before it runs out , and when it is charging it is able to predict when it will finish charging to 100% .

The tweak in question is called Predix . and is truly practical and effective for those of us who use the iPad or iPhone a lot throughout the day. Since we often don’t know how long the battery will last when we’re playing a game or browsing from Safari.

How to Know the Battery Charging Time with Predix
How to Know the Battery Charging Time with Predix

If we want to predict with full accuracy (while we’re reading the iPadizate blog, for example) we can leave the Safari app open and check the battery time with Predix. On the other hand, is very, very practical when we’ve left the iPad or iPhone charging on the bedside table and we’re in a hurry to get out. Since it will tell us the time remaining to charge.

Predix presents us with a box in the center of the iPhone and iPad screen, indicating (as we said before) the exact time of loading or unloading; hours, minutes and seconds.

So, if you’re looking for an effective and easy way to keep an eye on battery life, including charge and discharge time predictions , then you’ll want to try this useful iOS 8 compatible Cydia tweak, in fact, we already included it in one of our weekly tweaks.

After installing Predix, we can start venturing into the Settings application, because will create a new section specifically for this Cydi tweak a. In the configuration we will be able to enable its activation by means of tactile gestures through Activator and we will also have the possibility of changing the text color and the background color of its interface.

You can find the Cydia Predix tweak for iPhone and iPad in iOS 8 only if you have the jailbreak on your Apple iOS device from the BigBoss source or repository for $1.49.

Do you want to learn how to perform the jailbreak on your device?

In iOS 8 (all versions available) you have two options: TaiG and Pangu . If you choose the Pangu version you can learn how to do it from here. If you want to use the jailbreak tool of TaiG (in iOS 8.1.2) we offer you all the information and download from this link.

We are not responsible for the use you make of the jailbreak and are totally unaware of the problems this may cause to your iOS device. Always we recommend the cautious and knowledgeable use of this type of process , if you know how to handle it, the jailbreak is a fantastic tool that powers, and much, our iPhone and iPad with new features and improvements.

Predix on video

If you want to know how this tweak looks on an iPhone screen you can’t miss the following video review in English:

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