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How to keep your iPhone from overwhelming you with notifications


Like every day, you get up and grab your iPhone. You discover 7 WhatsApp conversation notifications, another one for you to enter Biwenger, the latest app offers, 12 new emails, a missed call, 3 notifications of available updates and more notices of apps you don’t use often. What a stress of the morning!

How to keep your iPhone from overwhelming you with notificationsHow to keep your iPhone from overwhelming you with notifications

Notifications are necessary, because they alert us to recent activity that has taken place so that we are up to date, but do we really need so many? It’s easy to set up your iPhone to reduce these and only keep the ones that are really useful. No, we don’t mean Do Not Disturb or Mute mode, which will simply ignore or mute the notifications globally, but leave only the important ones active.

1) Go to Settings> Notifications . This section is where you can control the notifications for each app individually and manage how you want to receive them, or even if you want to receive them at all.

2) You will see a list of absolutely all the apps you have installed. Imagine that for example you want to disable the “Biwenger” ads. Click on the specific app and you will see a whole drop-down menu.

3) Configures the notice individually. The easiest way, if you don’t want to receive anything at all, is to uncheck Allow notifications .

However, the possibilities are varied : you can turn off the sound, the balloons on the icons (that red ball where a one appears, for example) or even the preview when you have the terminal locked.

As you can see, this can be done individually in all the applications you have installed on your iPhone, restricting the notifications for those you consider unimportant and leaving all the notifications activated for the fundamental ones. It also gives you an idea of how many apps you have and how much you use them . We recommend that you waste your time setting it up this way because it’s worth it.