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How to install iOS9 and OS X The Captain without being a developer

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Installing the OS X betas The Captain and iOS 9 is now the goal of thousands of users. And no, they are not exactly developers or have purposes like reporting changes. They are users of on foot who anxiously after what they saw yesterday are launching without taking into account the consequences.

How to install iOS9 and OS X The Captain without being a developer
How to install iOS9 and OS X The Captain without being a developer

Likewise, what does it matter? They want to have them no matter what is a first beta, that there will be failures and many changes still to be made. But remember how iOS 8 changed from the first to the last beta. But let’s imagine you’re going to launch, what do you need to know? Well, the following.

How to install iOS 9 and OS X The Captain without being a developer

To install iOS 9 and OS X The Captain without a developer account is to have the betas downloaded. Finding them is not difficult, sites like imzdl already offer .torrent links for download. It is important that you download the correct version for your iOS device.

Once on our hard drive, the next step is or should be obvious: back up to iTunes or iCloud. First for what might happen and then in case you want to restore to iOS 8.

Then just connect your device to iTunes, select it and press Check for Update while holding down the ALT key . A window will appear to select the file downloaded with the iOS 9 beta. Once we accept it the process will start and it will only be a matter of waiting for it to finish. But be careful, do it with enough load to avoid scares.

In the case of OS X The Captain the process is simpler . Once you have downloaded the beta you only need to make a copy of Time Machine and then run the installer, this will update us on our current OS X version. This way we will keep data, apps, etc.

Of course, if you want to install on a new partition you just go to Disk Utility, create a new partition and then create an installer to do a clean install. A process you can see here that is identical. My recommendation is to use DiskmakerX which for now is compatible and capable of creating an OS X El Capitan USB installer.

Patience small padawan

You already know how to install iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan without being a developer, having registered the UDID, etc. The biggest problem is to find the installation files and you know that it is not complicated. Anyway, knowing that Apple will give the option to access a public beta in July I expected . Both systems suffer from small problems, some animations are not as fluid as they should be and we could suffer from other bugs or incompatibilities in certain apps.

The beta that is for the general public will not be perfect either but it will be more polished than the current one. So if it’s your main Mac, your only iPhone or iPad, be patient. Meanwhile, if you’re interested, you can ask any questions you have and we’ll try to answer them all. In addition, we’ll show you more about both systems soon.

For those who like it, @emmanuelvq links to the wallpapers of OS X The Captain and iOS 9.

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