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How to install fonts on a Mac

A few weeks ago we explained to you how iOS 13 allowed us to install different fonts on iPhone or iPad to work with them in the supported word processors. Today, for those of you interested in learning how to do the same on your desktop, we’re going to show you the steps to install fonts on a Mac.

A great system to be able to personalize our presentations , select the ideal typography for a job or even give a completely new and fresh air to our writings.

  • Just like on the iPhone or iPad, the first thing we have to do is find the typeface we like best and want to install on our computers. To do this the best thing is to search in a compilation of fonts such as Dafont, 1001FreeFonts or Google Fonts among others.
  • Once we have selected the font we want, we download it to our Mac.
  • Open the downloads folder and unzip the .ZIP file where it is located.
  • Once decompressed, the font will appear in .otf or .ttf format, along with a document called Read Me that includes the conditions of use.
  • Double click on the .otf or .ttf file and a pop-up window will appear containing all the information about the typeface.
  • As a final step, simply click on “Install Font” and it will automatically be added to our catalogue of Mac fonts (in some cases Bold, italic and others come in different .ttf files that we must install individually, but which will be saved within the same family).
How to install fonts on a Mac
How to install fonts on a Mac

You can find all the fonts installed on your computer using the “Font Catalogue” application . This is an application that is specific to the system, in which we can see its different variations and examples in order to evaluate whether it is the one we want to use or not.