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How to hide photos on iPhone and iPad

I’m sure on more than one occasion you’ve lent your iPhone to someone else and were afraid they’d see a picture or video they shouldn’t have. You should know that there’s a way to hide photos in iOS so they’re not visible from the gallery. It’s worth mentioning that this possibility also exists in iPadOS, being the process identical.

Hide photos on iPhone and iPad

There are some apps in the App Store that allow you to create albums with passwords or codes, however there is a native way in iOS and iPadOS to hide photos and videos in the gallery. From the own Photos app you can hide files. To do this, you must select these photos and videos and then add them to the hidden album. The steps to follow for this are as follows:

  1. Open the Photo app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Access the ‘All Photos’ album.
  3. Search and select the photo or video you want to hide.
  4. Press the share button. It’s located on the lower left side of the iPhone and on the upper right side of the iPad.
  5. Select the ‘Hide’ option and confirm that you want to hide the photo or video.
How to hide photos on iPhone and iPad
How to hide photos on iPhone and iPad

From this point on, all of the media you have selected will not be displayed in your main album. To access this content again you must go to the ‘Hidden’ album and perform the same process in reverse to display it again in the other galleries. You may think that this hiding is not enough, but it will make sure that nobody can see anything that they shouldn’t if they are passing photos from the main album.

Protect photos and videos with Face ID/Touch ID and password

If you want to fully protect one or more photos or videos you should know that there is a native app that allows it. We refer to Notes . As you probably know, this application not only allows us to make notes written with the keyboard or with the Apple Pencil but also allows us to add photos and videos. Here’s how to import content into a note for later password protection:

  1. Open the Notes app.
  2. Open a new note and click on the ‘+’ icon that will allow you to add multimedia content.
  3. Choose Photo Library, select the photos and videos you want to protect and click on ‘ok’.
  4. Save the note and exit to the main screen where, without entering the note again, you must slide to the left and click on the lock icon.
  5. You will be required to enter a password and then you can allow this note to be unlocked with Face ID or Touch ID.

Once you have done this you can delete the inserted content from the gallery without fear of losing it, as it will still be in the note you created. To remove this protection will be as simple as sliding over the note again and clicking on the lock again. The note will then become public again and you can store the content again in your gallery in the Photo app.

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