How to Hide Last Connection Time on WhatsApp for iPhone 5, 5s

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Keep your contacts from seeing the last time you logged on

WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging service in the world and although there are now several alternative applications such as Line or Telegram, some of them more complete and secure, WhatsApp is still the undisputed king. Millions of users around the world use this service daily, both through Android devices and for iOS and Windows Phone.

How to Hide Last Connection Time on WhatsApp for iPhone 5, 5s
How to Hide Last Connection Time on WhatsApp for iPhone 5, 5s

One of the things most requested by the users of this instant messaging service is to have the possibility to personalize it even more and to be able to get more out of it, as well as to make it more and more secure, as it is said to have serious security holes. With the latest versions, the developers of the application have been adding some new features.

The main change we found in the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS 7 is undoubtedly its interface, which resembles the new design of the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Another of the latest features incorporated by default in WhatsApp is the option to hide the last hour of connection , no doubt a big advantage, since before to do so we had to have previously done the Jailbreak to our device.

This is certainly a great advantage as allows users who wish to have greater privacy for their contacts , as not everyone agreed that their contacts should know when they last connected. However, not everything is an advantage, since not only do we hide our connection time but we also can’t see the time of the rest of our contacts , so if for whatever reason it’s important for you to know what time they connect you’ll have to think about whether it’s worth hiding yours.

Disable last connection time on your WhatsApp with iOS 7

If you still don’t know how to activate this feature of WhatsApp on your iPhone with iOS 7 we’ll explain to you today on iPhoniza how to do it, you’ll see that it’s very simple.

To go to this option we have to go to the menu Settings at the bottom right of the screen and there select Chats Settings . Once in that menu you have to scroll down to the bottom and enter Advanced where you will find the option ” Last Hour Online” along with a small switch that allows you to turn it on and off.

As we are informed in that window, the change can take up to 24 hours , the same time during which you cannot change it again.

And you, what do you think of this function? Do you support it or do you think it is not very useful? Don’t hesitate to leave your opinion in the comments.

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