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How to hide and encrypt files on a Mac easily with Hider 2

We store all kinds of information on our Mac computers. From movies and series to more important files such as photos or personal documents. Although Apple places a high premium on the security of our data, it never hurts to take extra steps, and today we want to talk to you about a great option for doing just that: Hider 2.

With application we will be able to keep our most sensitive data safe. Hider 2 basically performs two tasks: to hide the files we tell it to, and also to encrypt them using an AES-256 encryption key (one of the most secure available today).

How to hide and encrypt files on a Mac easily with Hider 2How to hide and encrypt files on a Mac easily with Hider 2

Thanks to this, our files will be protected from prying eyes and to access them it will be necessary to enter a security password. Of course this password must only be known by us and should follow the recommendations to be a secure password (combine numbers, letters, symbols, upper and lower case, etc, etc …).

In addition to this function that allows us to keep our most precious files hidden and encrypted, Hider 2 also allows us to create secure notes . These notes will also be password protected and, like the files, encrypted within our Mac’s storage system.

The operation mode of Hider 2 by MacPaw is very simple.

1.- The first thing we must do is open the application and enter the password we defined the first time we run the app.

2.- Once the software has been unlocked we have two options to add files. The first one is to drag the files or folders to the app window. The second is to click on the + icon at the bottom left and search from the window that displays the files to add.

3.- When we have the files inside the application (they are simply listed, they don’t move from their original location), we can decide which ones we want to hide and which ones not by using the switches that appear after each file name . We can also make group changes using the drop down menu at the bottom right.

Using Hider 2 for Mac is very simple and intuitive. As you can see with three steps we can hide files so that nobody else can see them and to show them again we simply have to follow the steps and at point three indicate that we want to show them again.

Hider 2 for Mac is available through its developers’ website. The application belongs to MacPaw, the same company that is behind other popular programs such as CleanMyMac or Gemini, so the quality of it is guaranteed.