how to get him to warn you if you get too far away when you go out with your kids

If you live in Spain and have children, I guess you can’t wait for next Sunday. It will be then when the government of the country will authorize children under 14 years old to go out to the streets for one hour, accompanied by an adult , to be able to even play and run always maintaining the safety distances with other people and avoiding the encounters with relatives.

This is good news for all those children who have been locked up for so many days, but there is one important condition: you cannot go more than 1 kilometre away from your house . And knowing that violating that can incur financial penalties, nothing like being able to use our iPhone so that it doesn’t warn you if we get close to that limit. Let’s see how we can do it.

how to get him to warn you if you get too far away when you go out with your kids
how to get him to warn you if you get too far away when you go out with your kids

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Suppose it’s already Sunday and you’re about to go out with the child or children during the regular walk time. On your iPhone, open the Reminders application, go to the Today section and click on ‘New Reminder’ at the bottom of the screen. Give this reminder the name you want:

Click on the information icon (the “i” with a round one) just to the right of the reminder name when you click on its name. There, activate the option ‘Warn me in one place’ and then enter the ‘Location’ section:

It’s time to select your home location. As you are not yet out and about, you can click directly on ‘Current Location’, but in case there is a lot of room for error by the GPS you can always enter your address manually.

You will see that at the bottom of the map a map will appear showing the location you have placed, with the option of dragging a circle whose radius will be a certain distance. You will see that this distance will appear in blue letters when you modify this circle, so place it just 1 kilometre away from home . Or, if you want to avoid GPS error and be on the safe side, place it at 950 meters.

Important: when you have the circle ready, click on the option ‘On exit’ so that the circle is inverted. Now everything outside the 950-1000m radius of your house will be marked in blue:

When you are done, go back to the previous section and then press OK. You don’t have to do anything else: when you go 1 kilometer away from home, iPhone will warn you to come back and respect the Spanish rules of confinement.

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