How to Get an iPad 2 without Buying (or Stealing) It

Although it is difficult to think about the Christmas holidays in this heat , we all know that on Pilar’s Day the ban is opened and the movement begins: window dressing, perfume ads, lottery entries at the breakfast bar, nougat at the supermarket… And since we are sure that one must have in every letter to the wise men will be Apple’s iPad 2, here are some alternative ways to get it for those who can’t wait for me for those who have misbehaved…

First we have the financial institutions that now that they no longer sell mortgages, now do everything possible to safeguard our salaries and savings:

Banco Popular – iPad2 16GB WiFi (valued at £479)

How to Get an iPad 2 without Buying (or Stealing) It
How to Get an iPad 2 without Buying (or Stealing) It

Minimum amount of the payroll to be deposited: 1,200

Commitment of permanence: 30 months.

Small letter: direct debit 2 household bills, sign up for a debit card, which means approximately 15 euros in fees per year, sign up for a credit card -the first year is free and then approximately 28 euros in fees per year-.

Other conditions are 6 euros of commissions per semester and 0.05 euros of opening, although these amounts are negotiable.

To be noted: The Popular offer has two advantages that are difficult to beat for other current gift accounts. On the one hand, the entity takes care of the income tax, so the customer does not have to pay the Treasury 19% of the value of the gift. And on the other hand, the bank requests the gift and calls the customer when it is received, so that the customer can pick it up at the branch, without charging shipping costs.

The promotion is valid until 30 November or until end of stock.

Banco Pastor – iPad 2 16GB 3G (valued at 599 euros)

Minimum amount of the payroll to be deposited: 3,000

Permanence commitment: 24 months

Small letter: direct debit 4 bills, 2 of them for supplies and have 4B and VISA cards (free with payroll)

To be noted: if you are already a customer of the bank, it will be enough to refer 4 new customers who meet the requirements of some gift (There are other gifts for lower amounts but… that is not our war)

La Caixa – iPad 2 16GB WiFi (valued at 479 ?)

iPad 2 storage

This is a time deposit without cash remuneration.

It does not allow for early cancellation. The product is subject to withholding tax.

Conditions: amount from another entity by means of a cash transfer order.

To be noted: the delivery of the iPad 2 is free of charge and will be made once the amount has been paid.

Promotion valid while stocks last (200 units).

CajasolBanca Cívica – iPad 2 model not specified

Just for making operations through the electronic banking service you participate in the draw for an iPad2. Until December 31st.

These are the options for getting an iPad 2 through banks. The other option left is to get a rich girlfriend (or boyfriend) to give it to us xD

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Original article: Fidel Pérez (@bonzofx). He got his iPad by depositing his salary in Banesto in December 2010.

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