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How to Get a Job at Apple

A lot has been said about how difficult it is to work in the apple company and the hours you have to invest in Cupertino’s company to keep the bosses happy, but little has been said about how you get to work in Apple and that’s what we’re going to talk about here today.

Luis Abreu , a British designer from UX has described his experience when interviewing for a job at Apple, in his own blog, and we are going to tell you about his experience.

Three screenings, five FaceTime calls and a trip to Cupertino

How to Get a Job at Apple
How to Get a Job at Apple

With this sentence we could describe the experience of Luis Abreu when trying to get into the company of the apple and we say try, because even though Apple was showing a lot of interest in him and he was even invited to travel to Cupertino to meet him, in the end they chose not to hire him.

FaceTime’s three screenings and five calls, totalling two hours, may seem rather excessive at first, but for Luis Abreu to be invited to travel to Cupertino, with about $2,000 in travel expenses alone, they were confident in her chances of getting the job.

The rejection notice was sent one week after his trip to Cupertino . Apple itself gave him the freedom to book his flight and three nights’ accommodation in a hotel near Apple’s headquarters, so he was very surprised that after the time he had spent there, he had not been hired. Although this is not the first time we see an Apple employee complaining about the hours he has spent working for the apple company, so perhaps he got away with something worse.

“The process was very long, especially considering the result.” Explain Open .

The process has taken a lot of time and effort, and has involved a considerable amount of money that has been useless.

“Over a dozen people investing their time, plus $2,000 in travel expenses and all in four months.”

Luis Abreu is a UX designer specializing in the Apple platform . He does product, interaction, visual design, as well as the development of native high-fidelity prototypes. He is also interested in understanding new tools to improve your workflow and what new possibilities or limitations are introduced in new devices. In spite of the preparation and interest of Abreu , it seems that for Apple it has not been enough and hence the not superficial that he claims to have received. Even so, according to a study, Apple is one of the companies most valued by its workers.

Not everything was so nice with Apple

Everything may seem like a dream or an opportunity, but for Abreu it wasn’t all that nice, there were certain things he didn’t like about the way Apple treated him when he was interviewing.

“We don’t waste time on the mute.” That’s what one of Apple’s interviewers told him

In addition, the interviews seemed to be based more on indirect questions only, which leave a lot of room for misjudgements or a false reception of what their opinion really was. In general Luis Abreu is quite happy with his work, which earned him the attention of someone and so he had the opportunity to meet all those who attended him at Apple, as we have known thanks to BGR. Even if it only served him for that at the end.

Do you think Apple is too tough on their interviews? You can leave your opinion in the comments.

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