How to forget your iPhone, iPad and Mac WiFi networks after the holidays

We are coming to the end of August and, for many, that means one thing: the end of the holidays. During the weeks off, you’ve most likely tried to connect to several unknown WiFi networks s. Some even without a password to protect it. Although this is not recommended for security reasons, it is unavoidable to resort to them. Especially if you’ve been away from your country and don’t have a decent roaming rate.

Over time, those networks you’ve connected (or tried to connect) to are stored on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And the iCloud keychain makes it easy to connect between devices by sharing your login information. This can be useful when is a common network for your devices , but not when that network will not be used again. That’s when problems can occur, because if your device finds a network with the same name, it will try to connect without success. How can we solve this problem?

How to forget WiFi networks on your iPhone and iPad

How to forget your iPhone, iPad and Mac WiFi networks after the holidays
How to forget your iPhone, iPad and Mac WiFi networks after the holidays

To forget about WiFi networks on your iPhone or iPad, you should do so while still connected to the network you want to delete. To do this, go to Settings> WiFi> and press the “i” button to access the settings . From there, select “Ignore this network”. That’s it, our devices will have forgotten about this network forever.

The problem with this solution is that it only works for iOS devices that are connected to a network at the time. It doesn’t work for the WiFi network of the hotel you connected to yesterday. Fortunately, there is a way, rather nuclear, to delete them.

Saving these WiFi networks in your devices’ memory can cause problems with networks of the same name

Go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings to delete all the WiFi networks you’ve connected to since you set up your device. But beware, because there is no turning back . Once you delete them, you will not be able to connect to any of them without re-entering your credentials again. In other words, to connect to your home WiFi network, you will have to enter your password again.

How to forget WiFi networks on your Mac one at a time

Unfortunately, those are all the options for getting rid of a WiFi network on an iOS device. For those of you with a Mac, there’s a pretty useful alternative that will help you get rid of them one at a time . To do this, go to System Preferences> Network> WiFi and select Advanced.

You’ll see a list of all the WiFi networks you’ve connected to, both this Mac and any devices in your iCloud account. Select one or more of them and press the minus button to remove them . Your Mac will ask if you’re sure you want to delete them.

From Apple we remind you that it is not recommended to connect to these WiFi networks without a password. Even those offered by hotels to their guests with a password are a danger to the security of communications. As secure as iOS is, anyone can be “watching” data traffic on an unprotected network. This is why many travelers and tourists are opting for portable routers on their holidays.

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