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How to follow the Keynote 2018 live

A few weeks ago Apple sent out invitations to the press for the next product launch event to be held tomorrow, September 12 at 10:00 (San Francisco time) . On the occasion of this event, the company has set up a space on its website where they will broadcast this Keynote as they have been doing for several years now. Remember that if you want to know at what time this presentation begins in your country, in this article we detail all this information.

Apple restricts streaming of your Keynote to specific computers

The best place to see this Keynote is undoubtedly the official Apple website where they normally start broadcasting ten minutes before the established time, that is, at 18:50 (Spanish peninsular time). If we go to the website we can see at the bottom of the page a description with the requirements that we have to fulfill in order to see this Keynote in our device.

How to follow the Keynote 2018 live
How to follow the Keynote 2018 live

To be able to view this streaming we will need an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch with iOS 10 or higher and we should always connect through the native Safari browser and not Chrome.

If we choose to view this Keynote on our Mac , we must have Safari 6.0.5 installed with Sierra 10.12 or higher . But what if you don’t have a Mac? It’s absolutely no problem as you can access this streaming from a PC using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

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In addition to viewing on a Mac or iOS device you can also track via your Apple TV provided it is second generation or higher and has the latest tvOS update installed.

If you do not defend yourself well in English we give you an alternative

On our YouTube channel, Fernando Del Moral and David Hebrero will be doing the traditional live coverage where they will be commenting on everything that will be presented in Keynote 2018 in great detail. In addition, you will be able to enjoy an entertaining commentary and above all discover whether David Hebrero will finally buy the new iPhone or keep the previous year’s model.

From our web page we will also make a special follow-up to bring you all the information we know in detail so that wherever you are, you won’t miss anything.

Leave us in the comment box how you’ll live this Keynote. Do you have the chessboards ready?

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