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How to follow the iPhone 7 keynote live on any device

Less than two hours before the start of the most important event of the year for Apple , here is a little guide to follow it live in the best possible way. During this keynote we have already almost confirmed the iPhone 7 and possibly we will also see the renewal of the Apple Watch.

The event will be broadcast live on Apple’s official website and other channels, but if you want to find out everything in Spanish the best thing you can do is keep an eye out for our live follow up of the iPhone 7 keynote, as well as the Twitter account.

Viewing the iPhone 7 keynote

View the iPhone 7 keynote from iOS

All iOS devices with the Safari browser support Apple streaming, so just go to the Apple website for this event and start streaming. Although all iOS devices are supported, please remember to use Safari , as it does not work properly on all other iPhone and iPad browsers.

View the iPhone 7 keynote from a Mac

All Mac computers in recent years also support the Apple streaming channel . The event starts at 19:00, so you can start streaming on your Mac from then on. Simply go to the official Apple website from Safari.

View the iPhone 7 keynote from your Apple TV

If you have a fourth generation Apple TV this is the best option for viewing the iPhone 7 keynote live. What you have to do is download the official Apple event application for tvOS, which will automatically start playing the video at the time you start the keynote

View WWDC 2016 from Android

In order to play the official Apple streaming from an Android phone, you must follow these steps to have VLC and the correct link:

  1. Download VLC for Android from Google Play
  2. Open VLC
  3. Select the “Open Network” option
  4. Paste the following link: http:/

Viewing WWDC 2016 from a Windows computer

The process is exactly the same on a Windows computer as on an Android device:

  1. Download VLC for Windows
  2. Open VLC
  3. Select the “Open Network” option
  4. Paste the following link: http:/

Apart from that, in Windows you can also use the latest generation of Microsoft’s browser: Edge. With Edge, you can play streams directly from the event page, just like in Safari.

What time will the iPhone 7 keynote be available for viewing?

The iPhone 7 keynote schedule is as expected and as we’ve been having for the past few years. The presentation will start at 10:00 am in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium . This time in other areas of the Spanish speaking world are as follows:

  • Spain: 19:00
  • Canary Islands: 18:00
  • Mexico: 12:00
  • Argentina: 14:00
  • Chile: 13:00
  • Colombia Ecuador Peru: 12:00
  • Seguimiento: Keynote 7 Septiembre 2016

    Venezuela: 12:30

While it is true that the event as such begins at that hour, we are already heating up the engines on the special page of the follow-up, with exclusive photos of our colleague Pedro Aznar from San Francisco and with curious details about the keynote itself.

How to follow the iPhone 7 keynote live on any deviceHow to follow the iPhone 7 keynote live on any device

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