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How to follow the iPhone 11 presentation on YouTube live

We are just a few days away from witnessing the presentation of the new iPhone 11 and Apple is already preparing the coverage they are going to make. A few years ago it was only possible to follow this type of broadcast if you met some very restrictive requirements, such as doing it from Safari on an iPhone or a Mac, and if you were on Windows only through the native Microsoft Internet Explorer browser or now Edge. This meant that not everyone could comfortably follow the presentation of the new iPhones, something that has completely changed in the last Keynote.

Last year we saw Apple streaming the iPhone XS and XR presentation through their official Twitter account which caught our attention. This year they wanted to take another step forward by broadcasting it on their official YouTube channel, something that undoubtedly says a lot about the path the company has been taking in recent years.

How to follow the iPhone 11 presentation on YouTube live
How to follow the iPhone 11 presentation on YouTube live

We have been able to know this precisely because if we enter Apple’s official channel on YouTube we can already see how the official broadcast has been scheduled for September 10th at 19:00 (Spanish peninsular time) and that we leave you with it.

The truth is that e did not understand why you had to have an iPhone or a Mac to be able to watch this type of broadcast as it undoubtedly limited users a lot to follow the presentation of the new iPhone. If we see other companies like Samsung or Huawei have always made their presentations in open and not limiting them to their users. This serves no doubt that all the potential customers of buying the new iPhone can follow their presentation (even if they don’t have one in their hands right now).

We certainly believe that this is the most appropriate and logical measure, not to put barriers to follow this type of event. Right now if we enter the official broadcast we find the possibility to program the corresponding reminder to let us know when it starts next Tuesday. The comments have been deactivated with the aim of avoiding an unhealthy debate on the company’s official channel that could disturb the live broadcast on this platform.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about Apple’s decision to broadcast this presentation on YouTube.

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