How to follow the chimes from your iPhone or iPad

Tomorrow is the last day of the year, you may have gotten lost somewhere where the TV signal doesn’t reach (or you don’t have one), but don’t worry, you can follow the chimes live from your iPhone or iPad.

There are several applications that connect with the channels of the live DTT , so this solution, could be a very good way to start with 12 grapes in the body to the rhythm of the Puerta del Sol.

How to follow the chimes from your iPhone or iPad
How to follow the chimes from your iPhone or iPad

If there is no WiFi nearby and you have little data in your mobile tariff, there is also another solution, to connect to some national, regional or local radio that broadcasts it live.

Several television channels have their own application that allows us to follow live many of their programs . Of course, the bells that will welcome 2018 will be on the grid of most of them.

We present you three applications very well known by most of the users and that you can use to follow the bells of this year.


This application is the one that connects with the channels of the Antena 3 Television group , among them, LaSexta . Despite good design, excessive advertising can make you desperate.

For a better image quality, we recommend that you register and login to your user account. This will give you the opportunity to view the broadcast in a much higher quality.

Although he also offers us the possibility of listening to his radio stations , we will encounter the same advertising problems.

Download AtresPlayer


This application is quite well known. Its business model is the free content of about 30 channels very varied in average quality. For maximum quality and some additional channels, we can pay a subscription.

To follow the bells, with the free account, we’ll have plenty. The connection is quite fast and the interface very intuitive . If you want to have these chimes forever, Zattoo offers a content recording mode.

From Zattoo you can follow the chimes from TVE 1 . A highly recommended app.

Download Zattoo

TuneIn Radio

If we want to listen to the chimes on the radio, we also find a very good option for iPhone or iPad, TuneIn Radio . This app connects to local stations and plays them in the app.

There is a free version and a paid version . With the free version we’ll have more than enough. It’s also a very reliable application with good ratings.

Download TuneIn Radio

From where will you be celebrating the bells? Will you be using one of the recommended apps? Would you prefer to use another one?

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