how to follow the Apple keynote in Spanish

Today is one of the most important days of the year for Apple: the week of WWDC20, the company’s developer conference, begins. During these next days, several talks, events and sessions with engineers are offered hand in hand with the developers that feed the App Store. The WWDC has been held “officially” since 1987, where it began at the Santa Clara Convention Center ( California ).

However, the great moment of any WWDC is always the keynote that inaugurates it . It is an established tradition and one of the few fixed events of the company: this year, due to the COVID-19, the conference becomes totally online. There is no press conference, we will all discover the latest Apple news from the event in streaming which will be broadcasted in a few hours.

how to follow the Apple keynote in Spanish
how to follow the Apple keynote in Spanish

This year, for the first time, we’ll follow live via YouTube with surprises and exclusive content

Last year, we at Apple were lucky enough to be invited to San Jose ( California ) to experience WWDC in person: this year, given the circumstances, we wanted to take advantage and do something special with all of you. For the first time, we will be following the keynote live from YouTube, commenting in real time on any new releases and news: I will be accompanied, along with the rest of the Apple team, by our development expert Julio Cesar Fernandez, and together we will be breaking down every detail for you.

Of course, we will also follow you in text and on Twitter so you can all choose what is your best way to experience the conference. And we’ve made it very easy for you: just go to our live follow up page, where we’ll follow up with written comments and at the same time, you’ll see the YouTube video ( will be activated when we start ), all on the same page.

The keynote starts at 19:00 ( Spanish peninsular time ), but our special tracking will start 45 minutes earlier ,at 18:15 (Spanish peninsular time): come and experience it with us, because we have many surprises prepared with exclusive content – we will answer questions live, tell you what it’s like to live a WWDC from the inside with images from last year, the previous of the latest rumours and the best comments of everything that is to come. Here you have all the information to live, enjoy and share the keynote with us today:

  • Special live tracking page (with text and our live video when we start): WWDC20 + Apple


Start time for Apple’s special follow-up (45 minutes before the start of the keynote)

Spain (Peninsula)


Spain (Canary Islands)


Costa Rica, San Salvador,


Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia


Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic


Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil


Go ahead and reserve the best place at home and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll be waiting for you to enjoy it together!

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