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How to follow the 28A election results with your iPhone and iPad

Today, we Spaniards are called to go to the polling stations and choose the composition of the Cortes in this new legislature that will begin in the next few days. Throughout the day and especially on election night we will see a lot of confusion about the results, and may have unreliable information from certain communication channels that are not official like Twitter or Facebook. That’s why we invite you to follow the election day of 28A through your own iPhone or iPad with the official application of the Ministry of Interior that we are going to show you below.

The application we’re going to discuss today can be found in the App Store and in the Google Play Store and is called 28A. If you want to be aware of the election results and not depend on third parties, we recommend you install it to have all the official data on your own iPhone.

How to follow the 28A election results with your iPhone and iPadHow to follow the 28A election results with your iPhone and iPad

As soon as we enter the application we must select the language in which we want the information to be displayed and accept all the legal bases. Once inside, we can move through the different tabs that we can select by clicking on the top left.

In the option ‘Opening and participation’ we will have in our hand the participation rate at national level that will be updated at 14:00, 18:00 and at the closing of the polling stations at 20:00. This data can also be viewed in detail by Autonomous Community by displaying the menu at the top.

In the second option ‘Results ‘ we will have first hand the results that interest us the most, the amount of votes that each of the political parties that have presented themselves to the elections have taken, as well as the amount of deputies that they have achieved after the distribution. These results, as before , can also be consulted nationally or broken down by Autonomous Community and even by municipality so that you know first-hand what they voted for in your city.

Finally, we recommend that you go to the “Settings” tab and activate the automatic updates. This will cause the results to be updated instantly, so you don’t have to go through the manual update at the top right of each of the previous results and participation windows.

In addition to this official application, in the App Store you will find many applications from the main media in Spain where these same results will be given accompanied by analysis from political experts. If you are a lover of politics or simply want to be informed with true information, you can do it with your own iPhone.

Download the 28A application for your iPhone or iPad here and follow the whole election day.

We are in a moment where the fake news are on the agenda, especially in politics, and that is why we believe that we must always be informed through reliable sources.