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How to fix your AirPod battery problem

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre los AirPods de Apple

¿Has tenido problemas con la batería de tus nuevos AirPods de Apple? ¿Este tip ha solucionado el bug? ¿Has tenido que reemplazar los wearables? Comparte tus experiencias en los comentarios.

How to fix your AirPod battery problem
How to fix your AirPod battery problem

The new Apple AirPods, which were launched in late 2016, have arrived with some battery issues .

Specifically, the problem lies in the charging case , and is that many users have reported that their battery is discharged in a few hours.

If your AirPods, or rather your charging case, have this problem, don’t worry because iPadiza will show you how to fix it.

Many users are not being able to enjoy their new AirPods due to a bug that is causing some units to drain battery when not in use.

Fortunately, a simple restoration would solve the problem.

Here’s what you do.

1. Press and hold the case setting button on your AirPod case for at least 15 seconds until the status light changes to amber.

2. Pair your AirPods back to your devices via Bluetooth. If you previously set the double tap option to pause, you will need to activate it again.

After this reset, battery problems in the charging case of new AirPods should disappear completely. Unfortunately this is not the case for all users who have reported this problem, some have had to replace their wearables with new ones in the Apple Store .

So, if this tip doesn’t solve your problem, we recommend contacting Apple technical support.

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