How to fix the 5 most hated bugs in iOS 10

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iOS 10 has been around for a few months now and users are already familiar with all the new features and improvements included in this version. However, in addition to the many new features and functions, iOS 10 has also brought along some bugs .

How to fix the 5 most hated bugs in iOS 10
How to fix the 5 most hated bugs in iOS 10

These bugs in iOS 10 are not very serious, but they can become obnoxious . Also, it should be noted that some of these problems have an easy solution.

Here are the 5 most common bugs in iOS 10 and how to fix them so they stop bothering you . So let’s not dawdle any longer and get down to business. Let’s get started!

Siri does not respond to the command “Hey, Siri”

In case the voice assistant is not activated when you say “Hey, Siri” you have two options that can help you solve the problem. First go to Settings – Siri and make sure the function is enabled .

If the function is already enabled, try resetting the settings to Settings – General – Reset – Reset Settings . Then try again to see if the wizard is already activated when you say “Hey, Siri”.

WiFi and Bluetooth connection problems

Some iPhone users have complained of problems connecting via WiFi or Bluetooth with iOS 10. If your wireless router is working properly and you are not experiencing problems with other devices, iOS may be the culprit.

If you are having trouble connecting via WiFi or Bluetooth try clicking on the network or device you are having trouble with and select “Forget this network or device” . Then try to connect again. If it still fails, another solution may be to reset the wireless connections in Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings .

Improves system performance and speed of response

If you’ve noticed that iOS 10 is running slower than it should and taking a little longer to open applications or switch between them, it may be time for a good cleanup. Transfer your photos and videos to your computer and delete them from your iPhone, delete any apps and games you don’t use…

Another thing you can do is change a few things in the configuration to gain more fluidity and performance from iOS 10 . For example, disabling automatic updates of applications or updating in the background removes the effects of system motion…

iMessage effects do not work properly

The special effects included in iMessage with iOS 10 are sometimes not received correctly . If you are experiencing this problem, the first thing you should do is restart iMessage by going to Settings – Messages and turning off iMessage and then turning it back on.


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If the problem persists try disabling the “Reduce motion” option and re-enabling it in Settings – General – Accessibility .

Battery Drain

Many users have reported battery drainage problems in iOS 10.1.1 onwards . If your iPhone battery is draining faster than before, even turning itself off without warning, you should know that you have several options for dealing with this annoying problem.

For example, you can disable the “Elevate to activate” function, location services, background updates or automatic updates of the App Store , among other things. If by changing these things the iPhone’s battery keeps evaporating as if by magic you can try to get more performance out of the battery by activating the low power mode in Settings – Battery .

On the other hand, it is possible that the battery will be consumed more quickly because you are in an area with poor coverage. In that case it is recommended to set the Airplane Mode while you are in that zone and to activate it again when you return to an area with better coverage . These are little tricks that can help you to gain a little more battery life on your iPhone while Apple is looking for a solution to this annoying bug .

Do you know of any other bugs in iOS 10 and their solution? If so, feel free to tell us which one in the comments to share with us and the rest of iPadizate’s readers.


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