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How to fix incorrect Apple Watch measurements when working out

The Apple Watch is a very accurate and reliable device for those looking to stay in good physical shape. But like any electronic equipment, it can fail. Especially if you sweat a lot and use it for high temperature training .

To fix any variation in the measurements provided by the heart rate monitor, we can implement the following tips .

How to fix incorrect Apple Watch measurements when working out
How to fix incorrect Apple Watch measurements when working out

As Apple claims, its smart watch, even under the most ideal conditions, may not be entirely accurate . Some types of exercise and sports, such as high-intensity and weight-lifting, are not recorded correctly.

With that in mind, these are the things we can do to try and fix it or improve it:

Clean your watch and your wrist

Typically, wiping sweat from the bottom of the Apple Watch and from the wrist solves inaccuracy problems. However, the wrist gets sweaty again once we continue to exercise, so the problem may persist and is a more short-term solution .

Turn it over

Some users have managed to improve the measurements of the Apple Watch by wearing it on the lower part of the wrist . It seems to become more accurate when lifting weights or using machines.

However, Apple does not recommend doing this , so the experience may vary greatly from person to person.

Wears a wristband

There are testimonials from people who, using a wristband on the Apple Watch, can help in the measurements . Similarly, loosening the strap and placing the watch higher on the wrist, with a wristband to prevent it from sliding down, seems to work.

Deodorant is your friend

At least one owner of the Apple Watch recommends using a little antiperspirant on the wrist to keep sweat away. It seems to work.

Wear it on your arm

In some sports, such as boxing , where gloves are used, wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist may be uncomfortable or incompatible. For this reason, there are bracelets like this one that allow you to hold it on your arm.

In addition, if we sweat a lot on our wrist and it doesn’t take the pulse correctly , this type of bracelet can be a good option.

Uses an external monitor

If none of these possible solutions meet your requirements, it is best to use an external monitor . This Wahoo option is not too expensive and has good reviews from users. It connects via Bluetooth and is tied around the chest.

If we want to improve the measurements of the Apple Watch, these are the best tricks we can follow .

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