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How to fix common iPhone battery issues

Cómo solucionar los problemas más comunes de la cámara del iPhone

Aproximadamente a los dos años las baterías del iPhone, o de otros dispositivos, pierden un 20% de capacidad. Una batería al 80% seguirá funcionando, pero no lo hará como lo hacía cuando estaba nueva y la única solución para recuperar esa capacidad es sustituyéndola por una nueva.

El iPhone se descarga rápido

Es posible que notes que la batería de tu iPhone se descarga muy rápido, especialmente cuando llega a los límites más bajos. Lo principal es que te dirijas hasta Ajustes> Batería> Salud de la batería . Si la capacidad máxima está por encima del 85%, no es normal que tu iPhone se descargue tan rápido, si es inferior al 80% es que la vida útil está llegando a su fin y la única solución para mejorar la duración es cambiar la batería.

Lo que debes comprobar antes de nada es que ninguna app está gastando demasiada batería en Ajustes> Batería .En caso de que la salud de la batería sea buena y ninguna app consuma demasiado, la mejor solución a este problema es realizar un calibrado de la batería del iPhone como te mostramos un poco más abajo.

El iPhone no llega al 100%

Otro problema que puede aparecer es que tu iPhone, o tu iPad, no llegue al 100% después de estar muchas horas conectado al cargador. Se trata principalmente de un problema de, llamémoslo entendimiento, entre el software del iPhone o el iPad y la batería.

La solución a este problema es, de nuevo, realizar un calibrado de la batería como os mostramos en el apartado de solución de problemas . En este caso no es un problema de una aplicación instalada, aunque es recomendable actualizar el dispositivo si no lo has hecho.

El iPhone se calienta al cargar

Es posible que en algunos momentos el iPhone se caliente debido a su uso , por ejemplo al jugar a juegos exigentes, es algo que también puede suceder al cargar el dispositivo. Sin embargo este calentamiento es algo normal, no debería haber mayor problema a no ser que notes que el dispositivo quema.

Our iPhones have become essential in our daily lives, we use them for everything from ordering food and communicating to guiding us if we’re lost. But for us to really take advantage of all these features we need something essential: battery . A bad battery will prevent us from using the iPhone properly.

Today we are going to review some of the most common battery related problems of our iOS devices, no matter if it is an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod Touch. We will also try to solve these problems step by step.

Common iPhone battery issues and how to fix them

First of all, you need to know how your iPhone’s batteries work to understand potential problems. All rechargeable batteries in any device are limited-life products , which means that over time, their capacity and performance decrease.

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In this case it is best to remove the case you have on your iPhone . This is an Apple recommendation, so if you notice that it gets very hot when you charge it, do it without the case.

iPhone turns off before reaching 0%

Another common problem is that the iPhone or iPad shuts down before reaching 0% . This is a problem that I have experienced on some occasions and is due to a bad synchronization between the iPhone and the software that manages the battery.

Basically your iPhone doesn’t know how much battery it has left and the only way to fix this is by performing a calibration as shown below.

iPhone reboots itself

If your device’s battery health is not good, you may need to activate the settings option called Peak Performance Capacity. This is an option that Apple recently introduced and which decreases the performance of the device if it may suffer unexpected reboots .

The main problem is usually battery health, and the only way to prevent your iPhone from relapsing is to activate this option or change the battery. To activate this option, go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health . If your battery health is fine, you can also try a battery calibration.

Solutions to iPhone battery problems

Some of the iPhone’s battery problems can be solved by making some adjustments to the device and software , i.e. iOS. These are the most common solutions to battery issues affecting iPhone or iPad.

Software update and reboot

Updating your device is something that can solve certain battery problems , so this is the first check you should do. Apple fixes some bugs and improves performance with each update, so the best thing you can do is update your device from Settings> General> Software Update.

If the software is updated, the next step is reboot your device . To do this we can force the iPhone to shut down:

  • Press and release to turn up the volume.
  • Press and release to turn down the volume.
  • Press and hold the side button.

Uncontrolled services and apps

Sometimes an iOS service or application is consuming more battery power than necessary. To check this, go to Settings> Battery and at the bottom wait for the consumption data to appear . If there is an application that is consuming a lot of battery power that we don’t use normally, this could be a cause of the problem.

The best thing you can do is uninstall this application and reboot the device . If it’s a must-have app, download it again but try not to give permission to everything it asks for.

Calibrate battery

If you still notice that your battery has a problem and the health indicated by the iPhone is over 80%, it is best to proceed to perform a battery calibration . This is a process recommended by Apple itself and it makes the device and the battery “synchronize”. These are the steps to follow:

  • We charge our device up to 100% and use it normally.
  • We let the battery run out completely, that is, until it dials 1% and the iPhone turns off.
  • Once it’s off, we try to turn it on in case there’s any battery left.
  • Now we leave it off for 8 hours.
  • Once this time has passed, we connect it to the charger and let it charge for another 8 hours without using it, it is best to put the iPhone in airplane mode.

Tips to make your iPhone battery last longer

Tricks to improve battery life are many, we will tell you a small collection with the best you can find , but if you want to know more tricks that will improve the battery life of your iPhone here you have at your disposal a great number of them.

  • Upgrade your device to the latest version available.
  • Optimize the brightness of the screen, you can do it from the Control Center.
  • Activates the Low Power mode if needed.
  • Control the apps that access your location from Settings ?
  • Disable notifications for apps you don’t use in Settings .
  • If you’re in a place with no cell phone coverage, turn on airplane mode.

Finally, a tip in case you’re going to store your iPhone for a while and not use it. The recommendation is that do not store it without a charge or with the battery at 100% , it is best to charge it up to 50% before storing it and charge it up to that point every 6 months.