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How to find out who has read my messages in a WhatsApp group

It’s been a while since the blue check came to WhatsApp, but we still get inquiries from people who have questions about how it works. In this post we want to explain how to know which people in a group have read your messages , a feature that has been around for quite some time but has gone largely unnoticed by many.

For individual conversations, a blue check means that the person you are chatting with has seen the message. For groups, the blue check on WhatsApp does not appear until all group members read the message, but there is a way to know exactly who has seen it and who has not.

How to find out who has read my messages in a WhatsApp group
How to find out who has read my messages in a WhatsApp group

In addition, for groups it doesn’t matter if you have read confirmation disabled in your account, all members will be able to know who sees their messages and also the exact time.

To find out who has seen your WhatsApp messages on the iPhone , all you have to do is slide the message to the left . That is, slide your finger over the message from the right side of the screen to the left side. Another option is to keep your finger on the message and when the menu appears select the option Info .

When you do this, WhatsApp will show you a new screen where you will see two listings: Read by and Delivered to . The first list is equivalent to the blue check, i.e. these are the people who have already seen the message and the second is the people to whom the message has been sent from the WhatsApp servers to their smartphone, but have not yet read it.

In addition, this list also allows you to know the exact time the message was delivered or read , so you can always know what is happening with the messages you send to the groups.

This feature lets you know who reads your messages to WhatsApp groups is very useful , but don’t forget that it can take a while for people to read your messages and that there are also times when messages can be read but not replied to on the spot. Don’t make this feature an obsession.

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