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How to find a lost iPhone with Apple Watch


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It happens to some of us almost every day at home: Where the hell did we leave the iPhone? Finding it can be a matter of luck or memory, but the best thing is to employ some trick that will get us out of trouble. One that we already know well is calling ourselves from another phone, but for Apple Watch owners there are more elegant solutions .

How to find a lost iPhone with Apple Watch
How to find a lost iPhone with Apple Watch

I’m sure you’re familiar with this function: with the Apple Watch paired to the iPhone and logically, both being within easy reach, by moving your finger from bottom to top you’ll find the control panel through which you can, among other things, put the Watch in airplane mode or mute it. Well, if we click on the iPhone icon, it will beep momentarily and we can locate it more or less quickly.

The problem is that many times the iPhone has fallen between the sofa cushions or there is little light to locate it. Well, Apple has also thought about this possibility: if we press and hold without releasing the icon, besides the sound the flash of the iPhone will flash several times, making it very easy to locate.

It is important to note that the tap must not be strong to activate the Force Touch, but continuous, and that the iPhone must have the screen off . This practical function is integrated into the Accessibility of the terminals in the ecosystem. If you can’t find your phone this way either, we recommend you try Search My iPhone.

Extra ball from comandillos : shout “Hey Siri”.


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