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How to Enable Automatic Downloads on iPhone and iPad

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Enables automatic downloads to the iPhone and iPad and saves time

How to Enable Automatic Downloads on iPhone and iPadHow to Enable Automatic Downloads on iPhone and iPad

If you’re one of those lucky Apple users with an iPhone and iPad, iTunes in the cloud, part of iCloud, will allow you to easily and conveniently sync all your content with each other without having to do anything. For example, if you have downloaded an application on the iPad, it can appear automatically on the iPhone, as long as we have automatic downloads activated.

This same method is also valid for the purchase of music and iBooks. All you have to do is activate automatic downloads on all your iOS devices . Want to know how it’s done? Today we’ll show you step by step so you don’t have any doubts.

How to enable automatic downloading of music, apps, books, and updates on iPhone and iPad

  1. We’ll have to open the iPhone or iPad settings application.
  2. Now we enter iTunes and the App Store (we’ll have to scroll down).
  3. In the Automatic Downloads section, check the options you would like to have downloaded automatically.
  4. If we don’t want automatic downloads to take place via mobile data, we have to disable the Use mobile data option. You can find it in the Automatic downloads section. This way, the downloads will only take place when we are connected to a wifi network, which will avoid scares with our data rate.

If you do not know what each of the options is for, we will explain it to you briefly:

  • Music – If we buy a song or album from iTunes, it will automatically be available on any compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac that supports iTunes in the cloud and is authorized to use our iTunes account
  • Applications – Applications downloaded to a device are automatically downloaded to any other compatible device with an Internet connection.
  • Books – This option will only appear if we have iBooks installed on our device. By activating it, the books we have bought will be automatically downloaded to other compatible iOS devices and to our OS X computer.
  • Updates – Updates are slightly different and will only be applied depending on each device. By activating it, we’ll be giving the App Store permission to download application or game updates automatically.

As the guys at iMore teach us, it’s pretty easy to activate this interesting feature that will give us the convenience of not having to download applications to all our devices, as well as music or books. In the case of updates, while it is also a great convenience, personally I prefer to control which applications I want to update and which not.

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