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How to earn extra money this summer with your iPhone in less than 15 minutes

In the middle of a summer vacation, anyone would like to earn some extra money while enjoying a well-deserved rest, wouldn’t they? During a trip, on a visit to a distant relative, or just for the sake of having fun in an unknown place, we can knead money to continue enjoying this summer with a more acceptable mattress. Clic and Walk is the application that will allow you to reach your dreams in less than 15 minutes from your iPhone .

It’s been a few months since Clic and Walk arrived in our country, however, not many weeks ago its popularity is increasing like crazy . There are many people who during the month of August do not leave their homes or their cities much, so they look for a way to get some money out of it to make the September rush more bearable. Today we are going to show you what Clic and Walk has to offer and you don’t want to know anything else .

How to earn extra money this summer with your iPhone in less than 15 minutes
How to earn extra money this summer with your iPhone in less than 15 minutes

Clic and Walk is an exclusive application, at the moment for iOS and Android , with which geolocalized market studies are carried out. By this I mean that the app itself will offer you, as a user of the same, some missions. With this, the app collects data from certain businesses in real time, and the user receives a certain remuneration (depends on each company and mission) when he completes it. Some missions offer rewards of up to 15 euros, which is a great thing, because in less than 15 minutes you can earn that money, you can solve an afternoon quietly .

  1. You must download and install the app from the App Store or, alternatively, Google Play.
  2. Open the application and register with your real data. You will be asked for confirmation via SMS (takes a few minutes).
  3. Activate the GPS so that the app detects your location and can offer you nearby missions.
  4. Choose a mission and go to the store or business that they indicate.

The missions you will have to complete are not difficult at all . Between taking a photo of a shop, a window display, a price, recording an audio assessment of a product, recording the audio of a business, etc. More than 300,000 people are already in the app and use it day after day to earn a few extra euros.

Being connected 100% of each day will allow us to receive a greater number of missions. When the mission is completed, you will be paid in euros for the services provided. Let’s say that you will be a ‘spy’ commercial who collects data from all companies and businesses in your location (or where you travel) and who will serve to amass a valuable worldwide business data network .

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