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how to disable them from iOS and macOS

Mark Ittleman

Apple is one of the companies that best treats the privacy and time of its users, but that doesn’t mean they don’t send a series of advertising or informational emails that you may not be interested in and constantly delete. Those emails are not necessarily received, Apple gives you the option to turn it off. Let’s see how we can do that.

how to disable them from iOS and macOShow to disable them from iOS and macOS

The first thing we need to clarify is that the receipt of these emails is linked to your Apple ID and not your devices , so in order to disable it you must be properly logged in to your terminals. If you have not done so, please complete this step first.

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If you have an iPhone or iPad, go to the Settings application and click on your name to access options related to your Apple account. There, click on the section ‘ Name, phone numbers, email ‘, where you will find at the end of the whole subsection ‘Subscriptions’. There you will have the options you see in the image above to disable the receipt of emails from Ads and releases from Apple’s content catalogs.

You can also disable those emails in macOS: the same options are inside System Preferences , panel ‘ iCloud ‘, button ‘Account details’, tab ‘ Contact ‘.

You have a third and final option to disable this option, which is from the Apple IDs website . Simply log in to the site using your account email and password, and in the ‘Apple messages’ section you will find the option to disable these emails. This is the method to follow if you don’t have any of your devices at hand at the moment.

A final note: deactivating the receipt of these emails does not mean that you will not receive important information emails , such as password change or login notices on unusual devices. Although these emails may seem cumbersome to you, they are mandatory and are sent precisely to ensure the security of our account data.