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How to disable the notification center in OS X Mountain Lion

The notification center is one of the features of OS X Mountain Lion that Apple boasts about the most and we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg of its potential (we’ll see how things evolve as more applications integrate their notifications), but that doesn’t mean that everyone has received these new notifications with open arms. On the contrary: some people hate this functionality, and for them there are a couple of ways to disable the notification center in the system.

The first way is by using a couple of terminal commands:

How to disable the notification center in OS X Mountain Lion
How to disable the notification center in OS X Mountain Lion

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killall NotificationCenter

The first command will disable the OS X menu bar notification center Mountain Lion for our user account only, the second will close the notification center application itself and save the changes. To reset the notification center, simply repeat the two commands, but replace the download in the first one with a load . To reopen the application, we can open the SystemLibraryCoreServices folder (remember that the folder can be hidden) and look for the application there.

It’s in that folder that we can apply the second way to disable the notification center. We can simply rename the Notification to another name so that the system doesn’t recognize it and doesn’t load it. For the changes to become apparent we need to shut down and reopen the application as we said before or reboot the system. To reverse the change, simply rename the application to its original name and you’re done.

With either of these two modes Mountain Lion will stop loading the notification center, and we will still have the possibility to reactivate it whenever we want . As always, we recommend that you be very careful with these tricks because you have to type terminal commands and open delicate system folders.

Update: As Celso says, a quick way to disable notifications is to Alt + Click on the icon in the menu bar. The problem is that this is only temporary. It will be active again the next day. The way we talked about it will be permanent.


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