How to disable the iPhone 7 haptic system

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1) Abre Ajustes en tu iPhone y ve a Sonido y Háptico

How to disable the iPhone 7 haptic system
How to disable the iPhone 7 haptic system

2) Desliza la pantalla hasta el final, donde encontrarás la opción Sistema háptica activada por defecto. Desliza el toggle para desactivarlo.

La desactivación la notarás de forma inmediata, si bien al activar o desactivar algo es cuando notarías la vibración. Recuerda que si al ir a Ajustes> Sonidos no encuentras la opción de Sistema háptico es porque tu iPhone es un modelo anterior al iPhone 7.

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The new iPhone models – specifically iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – have a haptic system integrated into the Home button that provides feedback when performing certain actions on iOS . To make it clear, it’s that kind of vibrating “sound” that the iPhone gives us when we interact with it by activating some options, toggles, buttons and functions.

However, this response is due to the integrated tactical engine. This new feature can be annoying and you may prefer the peace of mind of having it turned off. We’ll show you how to do it.

Although the haptic system is a new feature aimed at improving the user experience on iPhone 7 and later models, some people may prefer a quieter interface and less feedback, so we show you how to disable the haptic system:

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