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How to disable the FaceTime camera on your Mac

Every Mac (except Mac mini) has had a built-in camera on the front bezel, FaceTime (formerly known as iSigth) , for years. In fact, Apple has always wanted its computers to have a built-in camera rather than an external one. However, as a security measure, it’s good to turn it off whenever we want. We show you how to do it easily.

As I say, many people fear for their safety on the internet, and so they even tape over their FaceTime camera to prevent someone from accessing it without permission . But we’ll do something simple too, with a little script we can disable it by software whenever we want.

How to disable the FaceTime camera on your Mac
How to disable the FaceTime camera on your Mac

The file we will use is originally on the blog, where you can download it for the corresponding operating system. The latest version is compatible with OS X Mavericks, but it works fine on OS X Yosemite. The script , called iSigthDisabler, temporarily blocks access to the FaceTime camera, changing the permissions that provide access to it to applications that use it .

The first thing to do is download the script and unzip it to ~ Library Scripts . If you want you can also create your own application by opening it with AppleScript, select File -> Export and select the application format . To run it simply open iSigthDisabler and click to disable iSigth . If you want to turn it back on, click to enable iSigth . You will be prompted for your administrator password when you want to both enable and disable the camera.

There are many ways to make our security higher, such as encrypting the backup of our data. And for those who don’t usually use the built-in camera, this can be a good, but not definitive, measure to prevent access. This is an option to disable our FaceTime camera on our Mac whenever we want . As I said at the beginning, covering it with adhesive tape would be a physical way to protect us from people with no good intentions, but with the inconvenience of having to put it back every time, and that in appearance does not look very good.

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