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How to disable iOS notifications altogether

If there is one thing that is essential to be productive with our iPhone, it is knowing what is important and what is not . A notification from an application that we barely use that can distract us from our main tasks is not very productive so it’s best to select which notifications we want to have on and which we don’t.

The best way to increase our productivity is to turn off practically all notifications, so that we can concentrate and nothing will distract us from our task . Most applications ask us for access to notifications and, even if we don’t need them at all, they will interrupt us at the worst moment. This is just one of the many elements that we can configure on our iPhone to help us be more productive.

How to disable iOS notifications altogetherHow to disable iOS notifications altogether

But notifications can also interrupt us in our leisure time so having them under control is very important. One essential thing is that you shouldn’t accept notifications the first time you open an app , but if you have done so don’t worry, you can back out.

If you go to Settings> Notifications on your iPhone you will see a long list of applications and most of them are likely to have the notifications activated. There’s no way to do this quickly so you’ll have to enter app by app to edit whether you want to be notified or not. If you clicked OK when asked to access notifications when you start an app, the app will have them enabled.

To completely deactivate the notifications we can go application by application in this long list and deactivate them all or we can manage them as soon as they arrive. If we slide a notification to the left we will get an option called Manage on our device with iOS 12.

Now we have two options:

  • Notify discreetly. If you click on this option from now on, notifications for these apps will appear in the Notification Center, but not on the lock screen. Our iPhone won’t vibrate, won’t ring, and we won’t have balloons over the app icons.
  • Deactivate. This option completely disables notifications for that app.

Deciding whether or not you want an app to send you a notice is a difficult decision so here are some tips:

  • If they are purchasing or mobility applications, leave the notifications active. Applications such as Uber, Cabify, Amazon or JustEat will not interrupt you suddenly, only when you have placed an order so they will not distract you if you have not used them previously.
  • If you have messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, as well as other social networks, you may want to remove the balloons. That red bubble that appears above the icon and shows us the unread messages can be something that easily distracts us.
  • It is also advisable to leave notifications of calendar applications, maps and, of course, calls.
  • All other applications that are not included in this short list can be a real nuisance, so disable their notifications.

Notifications are interruptions to your goals that you cannot control because they are not dependent on you. That’s why you have to reduce them to those that only you can control to be more productive.