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How to Disable In-App Shopping on iPhone and iPad

How do you say NO to that beautiful thing? There are many occasions when our children, nephews or grandchildren ask us for the iPhone or iPad to play their favorite iOS games. But how to control the purchases? How can we prevent them from unwittingly buying gems, coins and all sorts of in-app purchases?

In this tutorial we’ll show you, step by step, how to use iOS Parental Controls to disable in-app purchases of App Store applications and games for iPhone and iPad.

How to Disable In-App Shopping on iPhone and iPadHow to Disable In-App Shopping on iPhone and iPad

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1. When giving away an iPhone or iPad to someone else it is imperative, for obvious reasons, to delete all our data. To do this, first you need to back up your device via iTunes and then go to Settings> General> Reset> Delete Content and Settings.

2. If you are going to lend your iPhone or iPad to a child for a while, you can choose to create an Apple ID for him. To do this you can simply do so from the App Store itself, by logging out and registering a new username.

3. Finally, it is important to disable in-app purchases and downloading of paid applications on the App Store. You can activate these restrictions from Settings> General> Restrictions. From here you can prohibit access to certain applications, disable localisation, prohibit application installation and purchases in apps.

This way, by doing all this, you can borrow your iPhone or iPad (even give it away) to the little ones in the house so that they can enjoy the most advanced technology and the best applications on the App Store.