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How to Differentiate Between WhatsApp’s Backup of Your Messages and iOS Backup

If you have been reading us for a while you will know that we always insist on a basic security measure that everyone should already be doing in iOS and macOS: the backup . Apple offers several ways to do this, and in some cases even the individual iOS application itself has its own method.

And for that same reason there can be confusion when wanting to back up our WhatsApp conversations: you can do it through the iOS itself or through an option that has the messenger itself . Which one is better? Which one should I trust? If I do both, do they overlap each other? Let’s look at the differences between each copy.

Option 1: WhatsApp in iOS backup

How to Differentiate Between WhatsApp’s Backup of Your Messages and iOS BackupHow to Differentiate Between WhatsApp’s Backup of Your Messages and iOS Backup

The first option we have for backing up our entire WhatsApp is through backups of the iPhone itself. As we’ve said before, you can either back up locally through iTunes for MacOS or Windows or you can back up directly to iCloud as long as you have enough space in the cloud.

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A copy of the entire system is stored in that copy. Absolutely everything. And because a copy of everything is saved, there are also all your WhatsApp messages including the photos and videos . So yes, if you make a backup of iOS, your messages are already safe.

The problem this copy may have is that if you want to retrieve the WhatsApp messages that have been saved on it, you have to use it to restore the entire phone from it. It’s like killing mosquitoes with a computerized gun, and it’s not ideal to have to reset all of your iOS to maybe recover a couple of text messages that you’ve deleted by mistake and need.

Option 2: the copy of WhatsApp

The second copy is the one offered by WhatsApp itself within its preferences, and that one must necessarily be done in iCloud . This copy works completely independently from iOS, it does not interact with it in any way. Here, you also have the option to include or not the videos of the conversations, which are often responsible for WhatsApp taking up too much space on the phone. There’s more flexibility.

The “downside” (note the quotes) is that you have to remember to make that copy in addition to the iOS copy. And it takes up space in the cloud, so once again you have to make sure you have enough space in iCloud. But there is an advantage: you can retrieve the WhatsApp messages without having to restore iOS completely. This way, if you have a loss, recovering data will be much easier.

So if you want to have an honorable license plate security for your WhatsApp instant messages, the best you can do is to have both copies active . The iOS copy is basic, and the WhatsApp copy will give you much more comfort in the event that you need to recover data. Both can be used together without any problems.