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How to delete the location of the photos you share

Con el nuevo Apple Maps de iOS 11 ya no te perderás mirando escaparates

Si iOS incorporara una función igual que la de Mac, todo sería mucho más sencillo, pero Apple tendrá sus razones para no hacerlo. Quizás sólo no han pensado en ello.

How to delete the location of the photos you share
How to delete the location of the photos you share

When you send a photo via any type of messaging application, you should know that the image contains the location where the capture was made . This means that you are sending photos to everyone with your actual location. Of course this is not a problem if you are sending the image to friends or family, but what if you are selling something on a second-hand site? Then everyone will be able to see a picture which tells your location, and if the picture is taken at home, anyone will be able to know where you live .

Let’s see, this is really very paranoid and maybe we don’t need to worry so much about it, but we can be interested in it, since nobody has to know where we live . So without further ado, I’m going to show you how to remove this location from the photos you take with your iPhone, iPad or even Mac .

Disables all photo location

From the settings of your iPhone or iPad, you can go to “Privacy”, “Location Services” and “Camera”, from here you disable the location data in each photo. Please note that this means that you will not be able to see your photos on a map and search for “Photos in Barcelona” will no longer work , as your mobile will not be able to know where the photos were taken.

Using the Metapho application

If we want to continue to have the functions of photo location, we can install Metapho. With this application we can edit the metadata, thus eliminating the location of the photos that interest us without compromising the rest .

Removing metadata in Mac

It’s much easier here than in iOS because macOS does it for you automatically. By automatically I mean that you must uncheck a box to stop it from sending the location data . Quite simple and functional.

To disable this we must go to the settings of iCloud on our Mac, you will soon notice a box in which it says Metadata or Metadata. By turning this off no photos you share from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac will incorporate metadata , including location.

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