How to delete or reorganize apps on iPhone and iPad

With the arrival of iOS 13 and especially the new iPhone 11, Apple has closed a chapter in its history: that of the 3D Touch. The 3D Touch has died and this directly affects some actions in iOS devices that until now were performed with this technology. For example, how are apps deleted or simply rearranged on the home screen now? It has changed slightly from iOS 12.

Since practically the first iPhone in 2007 the way applications are deleted has always been the same : you hold down an icon for a few seconds, they all start shaking, you click on the ‘x’ of the app you want to delete. But iOS has evolved in the last few years, with the 3D Touch some things have already changed and now that it has been deleted we have changes again.

How to delete or reorganize apps on iPhone and iPad
How to delete or reorganize apps on iPhone and iPad

To maintain the fast actions of the 3D Touch without the 3D Touch what Apple has done is replace the strong tap with a long tap . But of course, this was the way apps were previously removed or reorganized on the home screen. To enter the “shaking apps” mode we now have two methods:

  • A much longer press: Simply press and hold an icon until they start shaking. First the quick actions or widgets will appear, only then will they start shaking.
  • Long press and ‘Rearrange apps’: Press and hold an icon until the quick actions appear. At that point, choose the last option, which is ‘Rearrange apps’. They will start to shake.

On the other hand, you can also delete apps with the other methods already existing in iOS. These are actually two more methods, which allow us to get rid of apps from Settings or from the App Store . From Settings we’ll do this from the device storage section, where as well as showing us how much each app takes up we can also remove them individually from there. From the App Store whenever an app is updated we have the option to delete it by sliding it to the left.

On AppleHow to delete apps in iOS: 4 different ways depending on the device you use

As you’ve seen, app removal changes slightly with iOS 13. It’s still just as easy and it’s not a task we do continuously as for the extra seconds it takes for apps to shake.

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