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How to delete all photos, videos and memes from WhatsApp on iPhone

You’d be surprised how many people request technical support for their iPhone because of a problem related to their photos . Guerra en las videollamadas: WhatsApp ya las soporta y planta cara a FaceTime

And what is the inevitable? Well, to admit that we’ve neglected our reel and to do a thorough cleaning of it. And the great responsible for accumulating more and more photographs is WhatsApp , application that makes us accumulate thousands of photographs of jokes, memes and viral videos. It’s time to put an end to all that crap.

Critical situation? Remove all content from a stroke

How to delete all photos, videos and memes from WhatsApp on iPhone
How to delete all photos, videos and memes from WhatsApp on iPhone

If the situation has reached an untenable point and you need to take drastic measures, think that you will lose everything (or make a backup first) and empty all chats . You have the option in the same WhatsApp configuration, under Chats.

Be careful that there are two different options: empty and delete. If you empty, all the content of the conversations is deleted but the conversations remain present. If you delete, you clean up those conversations as well. You can empty them quietly and still free up space .

You can do this with an application

This may be the best news you’ll get today: yes, there are applications that check your photo library and automatically separate meme and joke photos from personal ones . They may not be 100% effective, but they can help a lot. One of them is Siftr Magic.

This utility uses automatic learning to identify pictures of jokes and memes, which are the ones we want to remove, and load them on the spot. It also identifies screen shots , something that we often want to remove after a few days. Siftr Magic is free in the App Store.

Prevent such a thing from happening again

If you don’t want WhatsApp to refill your photo library with jokes and memes , you have the option of disabling autosave so that the application does not automatically send all the photos and videos sent to you to the reel. Yes, it will remain in WhatsApp’s cache, but you’ll save space in the short or even medium term.

Caution: this will mean that if you want to save a picture sent to you from a WhatsApp conversation you will have to do it manually.

Final recommendation: clean your reel regularly

You can clean your iPhone from memes , but we understand that you can’t stop people from flooding your WhatsApp with more and more trash. You can either ignore the fact for several more months and then have this problem again, or you can simply clean up your reel and WhatsApp conversations more often .

Every day, if necessary. A good option is to take advantage of dead times like our trips on public transport or the queues at shops and supermarkets. If you get a frequent cleaning routine in your photo library , managing images on the iPhone becomes much easier.

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