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How to delete all notifications on the Apple Watch

As we told you yesterday when we talked about how to save battery power in the Apple Watch one of the first things to do when we launch the device is to think and choose very well what applications we will need and those which are the notifications that really interest us . This seems basic to get the most out of the Apple Watch.

Even if we have filtered the notifications as much as possible, there will always come a time when we can no longer attend not only to the mobile but also to the Apple Watch and the notifications will accumulate. At the top of the clock face there will be a red dot that will indicate that we have pending notifications, notifications that we can remove one by one if we slide to the left and select delete as in the iPhone or iPad.

How to delete all notifications on the Apple WatchHow to delete all notifications on the Apple Watch

This is admissible for one, two or even three notifications but when we have many it is not a good method. What if we want to delete all the notifications at once? That’s where a Force Touch comes in, which is sure to change the way we interact with touch devices. With a tap with more pressure the option to delete everything will appear on the screen so we can delete all the notifications.

The interface of the Apple Watch can become somewhat complicated during the first hours or even days. Silent technology like Force Touch is hard to see until you know where it is but once discovered it becomes an absolute must on small screens like the Apple Watch. Gestures like this that could be done through buttons on the interface are now hidden leaving what is really needed in sight, optimizing space and allowing more play for developers.