How to Delete All Emails on iPhone and iPad

If you are a regular reader of iPadizate you know that the tutorials for iPhone and iPad are the order of the day, without going further in one of the most recent we taught you how to block an application. Today we’re going to tell you how you can delete all your emails from the iOS Mail application very quickly , without having to select them one by one.

With iOS 9, Apple has also introduced more interesting features in some of its native applications such as Mail, Notes, Podcast, Siri and more. However, as of today Mail already has some quite interesting features that can make things much easier for us , for example, when deleting all emails.

How to Delete All Emails on iPhone and iPad
How to Delete All Emails on iPhone and iPad

With the new versions of iOS and iPadOS, Apple has improved the mail management system and now deleting all emails is much easier. You just have to enter the mailbox from which you want to delete all emails, click top right on Edit , then top left on Select all and then click on Delete, or Archive .

The following tutorial serves to delete all emails from an iPhone or iPad with iOS 8. Although at first glance it seems very simple, the truth is that it is a bit complicated , but don’t worry because here we tell you the steps you have to follow.

Step by step to delete all emails on iPhone and iPad

Deleting all email from an iOS device is surprisingly difficult, but not impossible. If you have more than one email account open on your iPhone or iPad, the first thing you need to do is open the Mail app and in the menu where the mailbox list appears click on the Edit option above.

In this section you must click on “Add mailbox” and select the Trash to appear in the list of mailboxes . In case you have more than one account open you will have to select all the trash cans.

Then go to your Inbox, click on Edit and select any email. Now comes the tricky part: keep your finger pressed on the “Move” option that appears below the screen and without releasing with another finger deactivate the mail that you marked previously.

You can then lift your finger and the Mail application on your iPhone or iPad will automatically mark all the emails in your inbox. The only thing left to do is to choose the Trash as your destination . Don’t despair though, because if you have a lot of emails this step can take a little longer.

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The final steps in removing all mail from Mail

As the guys at TechRadar say, the last thing you need to do is empty the Mail trash and you’ve already managed to delete all your emails on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, simply go to the Trash folder, select the Edit option and click on Delete all … it’s that simple!

In this case we have told you how to remove all emails from the Inbox , but this tutorial is for any other folder you have in Mail. Just access it and repeat the process from the beginning.

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