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how to customize the Top Sites

Más trucos para personalizar Safari 4 al máximo

The other day while I was showing how to customize a little bit more our already beloved Safari 4, many people were surprised by the capture that accompanied that entry and the amount of Top Sites it showed.

how to customize the Top Sites
how to customize the Top Sites

It seems that the tiny button that accompanies the Top Sites window for customization is not very visible and many people don’t know how to customize them, which obviously you can.

The first step is to click on the ” Edit ” button located in the lower left area of the Top Sites, as shown in the screenshot. By clicking on this button we can modify the number of windows shown in a very simple way with the three buttons “small”, “medium”, “large”.

At first the customization stays at that point, that is we cannot define a specific number of windows only the size of them and therefore the amount of them that fit in the same space.

Once the number of windows to be shown is customized, we can organize them by “clicking” on any of them and dragging it to its new location, that is, a “drag&drop”. We can also remove them with the “X” located at the top of each of the windows .

Finally, we can add any of these pages to our favorites by clicking on the symbol that accompanies the “X” in each of the windows that make up Top Sites.

If a page is in our favorites it shows a slightly different look with the top left corner folded.

Update: As indicated in the comments, the corner folded with the star actually indicates that there are updates on the web page representing that capture.

Thank you all for commenting on the ruling!

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