how to customize the default answers

If you have an Apple Watch, you’ll know that certain messaging applications on watchOS offer you the ability to send a response from a list of pre-determined messages. This is very convenient, but these messages often feel too “correct and formal” in most situations.

No problem: we can customize those default answers in both iMessage and Telegram , because they are installed as native applications on watchOS. It’s a matter of finding the menus where this option is hidden, as the path changes depending on the application.

how to customize the default answers
how to customize the default answers

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Let’s start with iMessage. To find the list of default answers just enter the iPhone Watch application , section ‘ Messages ‘ and subsection ‘ Default answers ‘. The list of answers will appear in this form:

Answers that you have not changed will be shown in grey, but you can modify them without any problem. Those that you change will remain white (as the “OK”) in the image above. If you simply want to add more answers, you have the option to add them to the bottom of the list.

The ‘ Smart Answers ‘ option changes the order of the answer list by determining (privately) which answer you want to have most at hand depending on the message you want to reply to. You can turn it on to keep them or off so that the replies appear in the strict order you see in the list.

In the case of Telegram, you do not have to open the Watch application, but the messaging client itself in iOS. In your settings you have the ‘Apple Watch’ section , where you have the ‘Default Answers’ list:

As with iMessage, you can change the grey Telegram answers to your own which will be white. The bad news here is that Telegram does not let you add more answers than there are , although with the eight possible answers you already have some flexibility.

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