How to Customize Apple AirPods Pro

At the end of 2019 Apple launched a long-awaited generation of headphones: the AirPods Pro. These were very well accepted thanks to highly demanded functionalities such as water and dust resistance or the always remarkable noise cancellation. However, these have other optional aesthetic features that although not functional can give them a different touch. In this post we tell you what possibilities you have to make your AirPods Pro more personal.

Adding an engraving to the AirPods Pro

The first thing we find to customize the AirPods Pro is the possibility to add an engraving. To do this, the headphones must be purchased from Apple itself, either from one of its official stores or from the Apple Store online. Can this be done in other stores? Yes and no. In other words, there are places that specialize in silk-screening wristbands, necklaces and other accessories, and AirPods could be one of them. But on the other hand we find that certified engravings as we will show below are only available from Apple.

How to Customize Apple AirPods Pro
How to Customize Apple AirPods Pro

The screen prints that can be added share similarities with what we have on other devices such as iPads, being able to put letters in which our initials, our full name or any other set of words we want appear. Some even add their phone number or similar so that, in case of loss, they can locate the rightful owner. Apple does not set any limits in this aspect beyond the physical one, since it has to be taken into account that is done in the loading case and therefore there is not too much space to silk-screen print large texts. It is normally limited to 22 characters.

In addition to the text, the possibility of adding an emoji is also available. There are 31 emojis available among which the classic smile, animals like the dog, cat, horse and more. There are also others such as fingers as a sign of victory, a heart, an alien, a ghost or the classic poop.

It should be noted that these elements have no additional cost and are carried out free of charge. Although this possibility of engraving the case can be very interesting, you should bear in mind that if in the future you decide to sell or give away your headphones it is possible that this engraving could pose a problem for the other person.

Covers and housings for AirPods Pro

Inside the Apple Online Store, and of course in physical stores, you can find a series of cases and covers that also give a more personal touch to the AirPods Pro. These can be used to protect the charging case in case of bumps, falls and possible scratches, but they are also a remarkable design element if you do not like or wish to disregard the white colour of the case.

In Apple there are all kinds of them, there are leather cases, silicone cases, more resistant or with carabiner. In this case it must be said that they do have a cost, as they are sold as a separate accessory and are always available for purchase. However, you can find other alternatives for AirPods Pro cases on the market and also at a better price.

In short, we can see how the AirPods Pro, despite not being a device as customizable as an iPhone, also have interesting things to add to it in order to vary its design and make it more similar to our tastes.

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