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How to Customize App Push Notifications (with and without Jailbreak)

Through lifehacker we found a very interesting method that will allow us to customize the ads or alerts of any third party application we have downloaded to the Apple tablet, the iPad. In this page we show both methods, with and without Jailbreak, but since the version without Jailbreak is a bit expensive we will tell you how to do it for free, using devices with Jailbreak.

To do this we will have to access the folders on the iPad via SHH, for which there are several applications that allow us, at least part of them, since these folders are partially closed. We are talking about the iExplorer application, for example.

How to Customize App Push Notifications (with and without Jailbreak)
How to Customize App Push Notifications (with and without Jailbreak)

Thanks to this application, of which there is a version for Mac and another for Windows, we will be able to synchronize and move content both externally and internally to our iPad. In the case of an iOS device, we will be able to access and see the files and folders of the applications. An important disadvantage is the price we will have to pay for iExplorer, around 26 ?, price that you will have to value before the free possibility of opening the SSH access of the iPad.

Once the choice is made, we’ll see how to customize the alert sound of the applications:

  • First, we connect the iPad to the computer and open iExplorer, or via wireless access with Cyberduck.
  • Next we look for the folders of the application that we want to modify. For this step, iExplorer is more recommendable, since we’ll be able to access the applications just by pressing a button, and in the folders it shows us the name of each app.
  • In the case of SSH access through Cyberduck we will have to access via varmobileApplications and once there try folder by folder until we manage to find the application in question.
  • Once located, in one way or another, we look for the sound files of the applications, which will be finished in “.caf”, although we can also find them in MP3 format in some cases.
  • All we have to do is replace that file with the one we want as a new warning or alert. Although the ideal is that it is of a similar duration so as not to cause problems. Obviously, the substitute file will have to be saved in the same format as the one it replaces and have the same name.

We already have the desired sound as an alert, but when the application is updated or reinstalled, we will have to perform the process again, since the original will have been restored.

We leave you a video with the illustration of the process to make it even clearer. Don’t they say that a picture is worth a thousand words?

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