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How to create unnamed folders without jailbreak


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How to create unnamed folders without jailbreak
How to create unnamed folders without jailbreak

We will simply download the Starbucks application from the App Store to our device and create a folder as we normally do. The difference of this folder is that it will have no title. This trick also happens with other applications from the “Food & Beverage” section of the App Store.

Today we bring you a trick with which you can create unnamed folders in iOS and with which we will explain why it is always good to have the Starbucks application installed in our iDevice even when we don’t like coffee. It may seem a bit pointless, but believe me, we’ll take advantage of this application to create an unnamed folder.

The best thing about this trick is that we don’t need jailbreak to do it, so we can do it on any iOS device. First of all we need to download the official Starbucks application , because it allows us to create an unnamed folder on a device without jailbreak , i.e. with the operating system untouched by the factory.

To create the folder, we’ll do as we would any other application in the App Store, click on the Starbucks app until all the icons start moving, then drag the Starbucks app on top of any other, so that a folder is created.

This folder, as we can see, has no name, so we can later remove the applications we do not want from it and put the ones we want. In this simple way we will already have our unnamed folder .

If we want to do this from the Spanish App Store, we will notice that the Starbucks application is not available for download from our country, but there is no problem. We can download an application called Must-Have Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens , which is in the category of Food and Beverages from the App Store and with which we can create the untitled folder.

In order to understand more clearly this whole process, we can see in the following video how to create our untitled folder from our iOS device.

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