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How to create, share and embed Apple Music Lists on a website

Cinco maneras de conseguir una suscripción a Apple Music más barata.

During the last two Apple keynotes, we at Apple decided to create a music list to liven up the hours leading up to each event. As a result, some readers have asked us how the lists we have created at Apple Music can be created, shared and inserted into a website. For this reason, we have prepared this tutorial that explains each of these sections.

How to create an Apple Music list from your iPhone or iPad

How to create, share and embed Apple Music Lists on a website
How to create, share and embed Apple Music Lists on a website

Creating an Apple Music list on an iPhone or iPad is quite simple. Open the app and go to the section Library> Lists> New list… where the menu shown in the image above will appear.

Choosing Add Music will take us to a menu with our other songs, playlists, videos, downloads, artists, albums and other places where we can select songs that we want to incorporate. As shown, we can also put a name, a description and a cover image.

This is how the Apple Music lists are shared

Once we have our Apple Music list created (or any other), we can share it via a custom link. To do so, enter the playlist you want to share and touch the suspension points button.

A menu of options will be displayed like this, where you have to choose Share List… there you will see different options: iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, email or a link . The list doesn’t have to have a cover page and a description, but that’s what your contacts will see when they enter the list. In the Twitter preview, for example, the cover we’ve chosen will appear (if you don’t know which one to put, take a look at this collection of covers).

How to insert Apple Music lists into a website

To insert Apple Music lists in the form of a widget into a website, we will need the list link. You can get it using the steps in the previous section and by choosing Copy instead of sending it by other means. With this link, you’ll need to access the Apple Music toolbox from here.

Paste the link to the list and hit search. When the page loads, you will see a preview of the Apple Music player and you can edit its width as well as the height in pixels it will occupy on the web. In addition to the Apple Music player, you can choose to insert either one of the two logos or the HTML link.

As we have seen in the previous section, if you are going to insert a list of Apple Music in a website, we recommend that you at least place an eye-catching cover . The description is not compulsory but it provides more information to the listener.

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