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How to create Live Photos from a video or GIF

All users of an iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have great advantages over their previous models. Better front and rear camera, better processor or better materials for example. But apart from the new features related to the hardware, we also find some striking ones in the software, such as the Live Photos. This utility allows you to take moving photos – takes a normal photo, capturing 1.5 seconds before and after – giving it a curious effect at least.

At the moment, the possibilities for Live Photos are few, as they are limited to being shared between iMessage devices, played from the gallery of the same device, or used as wallpaper. We’re going to focus on the latter, as it’s probably the most important utility you can have -by taking advantage of it more times and adding a touch of personalization to our iPhone.

How to create Live Photos from a video or GIF
How to create Live Photos from a video or GIF

When choosing wallpapers, we go to Settings and then to Wallpapers . Once here we will be able to see three outstanding options – dynamic, still images and live – and then the option of photos, where we can choose among those that we have made or downloaded, which to place as background. If in Live we will only see the standard options without the possibility of adding any and in Photos only those we have taken with the camera, how can we put a custom Live background? . It is important to explain what type of file a Live Photo is to better understand the process.

Creating the Custom Live Background

A Live Photo consists of two parts, an image in JPG format – which will be the static background – and a video in MOV format – which is activated by pressing on the image when it is static – . To get our custom background we will need both files. For this reason the process of creating a Live background is long and we will have to follow all the steps in order not to get lost. To do this:

  1. We will choose a file in GIF or video format.
  2. We must have the file in MOV (video), so we will use a converter to pass the file to that format. is an interesting online option for this.
  3. Once we have the MOV file, we will look for the JPG part of the Live Photo. We will choose a scene from the video obtained previously or a different image of the same proportions.

Once we have both the JPG and the MOV file, we’ll have what we need to get the Live Photo we’re looking for on our iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus. Now comes the other complicated part.

How to transfer JPG and MOV files to our iPhone

The first thing we’ll need to download to do our job is the iMazing program, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Once the program is installed, the steps will be as follows:

  1. We take any Live Photo from our iPhone 6S.
  2. We connect our iPhone to our computer with the open iMazing program.
  3. Once the device is loaded, we go to File Manager, Media, DCIM and finally 100APPLE.
  4. We looked in this folder for the last two files -the JPG and the MOV from laLive Photo that we made in the first section-.
  5. We copy the file names and put them exactly the same as the ones we have customized.
  6. We deleted the two files belonging to the Live Photo we made and copied ours, this way we will fool the iPhone.
  7. We disconnect the cell phone and head to the gallery. The thumbnail will be the one in the previous photo, it will be when it is enlarged that we will see that we have managed to put our personalized Live Photo in the gallery.

To finish we go back to Settings , Wallpapers , Photos and open the one we just copied in the gallery. With this we can now enjoy our personalized Live Photos as wallpapers .

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