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How to Create Animated GIFs on iPhone and iPad with Giphy Cam

Animated GIFs are a lot of fun, they allow us to express everything we feel in a much more precise way and provide great touches of humour. Normally we would need a PC or a Mac to create a GIF, through software or from a web to convert the files.

However, it is now possible to create animated GIFs with the iPhone and iPad thanks to a new application on the App Store.

How to Create Animated GIFs on iPhone and iPad with Giphy Cam
How to Create Animated GIFs on iPhone and iPad with Giphy Cam

Today we will explain, step by step, how to record and create a GIF with Giphy Cam

How to create an animated GIF from your iPhone and iPad

Giphy Cam uses the iPhone and iPad cameras to allow users to record their own animated GIFs. What happens is that, instead of recording a video, Giphy Cam automatically converts the videos into a GIF file so we can save it in our photo albums and share it on social networks with our friends and family.

From the main screen of the Giphy Cam interface you can switch between the front FaceTime HD camera or the rear iSight camera of the device. Then, we must click on the record button to start creating a GIF . If we keep our finger pressed on this button, we will have the possibility of creating a slightly longer GIF.

Download Giphy Cam

The app is completely free and you can get it for iPhone and iPad from here:

One of the most interesting things about the Giphy Cam application for iPhone and iPad, as we are told in iDownloadblog, is that it allows us to add effects to our GIFs, an option that many iOS applications to create GIFs do not have.

Some of the effects that can be added to Giphy Cam GIFs are

What do you think of the Giphy Cam application? Have you already created your own custom GIFs? Do you know any other app for creating GIFs in iOS? Share with us your opinion and recommendations in the comments section at the bottom of this post, and remember that if you have any questions about this tutorial we will be happy to help you.

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